At His Command (Page 2)

At His Command (The Billionaire’s Beck and Call #3)(2)
Author: Delilah Fawkes

Wear these items and nothing else. The black plug goes in back, and the white in front. I expect you ready and waiting for me, Isabeau. Do not disappoint me.

I stared down at the box, my mouth hanging open. The idea of being filled completely intrigued me, but I admit, I was also more than a little nervous. I’d never had anything in my ass before, and even though the plug before me was small, I didn’t know how it would feel. Would it hurt?

I slowly removed my clothes, folding them carefully and setting them aside before wiggling into the embroidered garter and lacy black stockings. It felt strange to be wearing all this without panties covering me, but also naughty, leaving me feeling deliciously exposed. I slipped the bra on, and then picked up the bottle of lube, biting my lip.

I got on my knees and took a deep breath, reaching behind me to slide it into position. Here goes nothing.

When the plug pushed against my pucker, I gasped at the feel of the cold gel, then at the sensation of my ring of muscle wrapping around it, accepting it into my body. It stung a little as I adjusted to the tapered silicone inside me, making me squirm on the carpet. It felt so wrong doing something like this, but the feeling made my sex heat and my body tingle all over.

If my conservative family ever knew I did anything like this, they’d each have a heartattack before calling my pastor.

I smiled and reached for the delicate, white vibrator. It was egg shaped and slipped easily  inside of me as my walls squeezed around it. There was no button or anything that I could see, but the feeling of these two toys rubbing together through the thin membrane of skin separating them was almost too much to take.

I waited there, on my knees, half expecting Mr. Drake to burst in at any moment. I was so ready for him, I ached, longing for him to take me and show me something I’d never experienced before. To take me deeper into his world.

The sound of a key scraping in a lock made me spin around to face the door. Suddenly embarrassed, I covered my privates, in case it was Mr. Daniels coming back to check on me. The lock snapped and I could hear footfalls moving away from the door. I furrowed my brow, frowing before it finally hit me. I was locked in!

I ran to the door and tried the knob, swearing under my breath when it didn’t move. What the hell was going on?

I yelped as the plug in my ass and the vibrating egg both buzzed to life, making me rock on my feet and clutch the door knob for support. My body felt like it was on fire, the powerful vibrations making me gasp for air. I hadn’t touched any buttons, but they were both pulsing in time, making my clench around them.

Just as quickly as they started, they stopped, and I stood panting, trying to catch my breath. I reached between my legs, looking for some kind of switch so I could control these things, but as I did, a voice resonated from a speaker in the ceiling.

“Hands at your sides, Isabeau.”

I gasped, but did as I was told. “Mr. Drake?”

“Very good, my little temp. I love how quickly you obey me. You deserve a reward.”

The butt plug and dildo buzzed to life again, and I doubled over, groaning. The vibrations in my ass were driving me wild in a way I’d never experienced. It was intense. Too intense.


The vibrations stopped.

“You look beautiful, Isa. I knew that color would suit you. Not like those horrid pastels you usually wear. You’re too wild for that. A very bad girl trapped inside a good girl’s clothes.”

I straightened up again, my hands and my sides and looked around, wondering how he could see me. There were no windows, and the door was shut tight behind me. I spied a shining black dot nestled at the foot of a bust on the mantle. A camera. Bingo.

“Before we play today, there are some matters to discuss. Some groundrules, if you will.”

“What kind of rules?”

There was a low chuckle. “Eager, aren’t we? Well, first, you are always to address me as ‘Sir’ when we play. I am your master, and you are my dirty little slave girl, understood? I own you when you’re in my dungeon, Isabeau.”

I trembled at his words, feeling my thighs growing slick with my own arousal.

“But my part of that exchange is my promise to keep you safe, always, at all times. You give me your trust, and I earn every second of it. That’s the deal.”

I nodded, the weight of his words settling over me. I would have to trust him completely, but the thought of him dominating me, protecting me even as he caused me pain… It made me moan quietly, and move my fingers to my pu**y.

“Bad girl, Isabeau! I’m not done explaining.”

He gave me a quick pulse from the vibrators, just enough to shock me. I grinned and put my hands back at my sides.

“Are you willing to put yourself in my hands? Will you be my little slave, Isa?”

I sighed, enchanted by the thought of being in his hands, bending to his every whim.

“Yes, Sir…”

There was a weighty pause, and I pictured him smiling, wherever he was, looking me over, seeing the effect he already had on me.

“The next rule is perhaps the most important. If I go too far, or if you want things to stop for any reason, you need a word to say to put a halt to things. A safe word. If we’re playing a game where ‘stop’ doesn’t mean ‘stop,’ you use that word, and I stop immediately. Do you understand?”

I nodded, wondering what I could possibly use, but feeling comfort at the thought of that fail safe.

“I do.”

“Think of your word, and then we can begin.”

Buzzing ripped through my body, making my knees buckle. I fell to the carpet, bracing myself against the ottoman as my core squeezed around the pulsing toys.

“Once you’ve cum twice for me, I’ll let you out, and we’ll hear that safe word.”

“What?!” I gasped. He wanted me to cum twice? Here and now? While he watched?

My cheeks burned, but the vibrations were making it hard to feel anything else, including shame. My whole world narrowed to the knowledge that he was watching me, controlling me. The pattern of vibration changed, pulsing twice, then once, slow, then fast, and I knew he was playing my body like an instrument from afar, willing me to cum for him.

He didn’t have to wait long.

The pulsing in my ass against the egg in the front made me come apart, wailing on my back, legs squeezed together as my body convulsed. I shuddered, my thighs trembling, my cl*t overly sensitive, but the vibrations kept on.

And just when I thought I couldn’t take it any longer, Mr. Drake amped up the power.