At His Insistence (Page 3)

At His Insistence (The Billionaire’s Beck and Call #4)(3)
Author: Delilah Fawkes

But I had to admit, the thought of wearing this in front of a room full of strangers made my body tingle and my pulse race. It would be a secret only the two of us knew about, and if I judged him right, he’d have the control to flip the switch and turn it on whenever he pleased, controlling my body beneath everyone’s noses, and no one the wiser.

Unless I screwed up and let my feelings show.

I bit my lip, fear and excitement warring within me. I’d show him just how cool I could be. I wouldn’t disappoint him.


I took a deep breath at the top of the winding main staircase, steeling myself.

You can do this, Isabeau. Just breathe.

I held onto the handrail and moved down the steps carefully, my core squeezing around the egg beneath my new lace panties. I still couldn’t believe I was doing this, but the thought of Mr. Drake somewhere below, waiting to turn me on was almost too much to bear. I felt like I was on fire for him, and I hadn’t even seen him yet.

I turned the corner, and the foyer opened up beneath me. Guests in expensive suits and glamorous dresses mingled below, diamonds catching the light on necks and wrists everywhere I looked.

I wanted to stop walking. I wanted to turn around and retreat to the safety of my room, or maybe lock myself in the bathroom and climb out the window. I felt like such an imposter wearing these clothes, tresspassing on this life… Would they be able to tell? Would just one look give me away?

I hesitated, my hand hovering over the banister, before I saw him. He was standing near the bar, a glass of scotch in one hand, the other tucked nonchalantly in his jacket pocket, talking to several gentlemen. Intense, green eyes locked on mine, and for a moment, everything else melted away.

The egg roared to life inside me.

I pressed my lips together, my whole body tensing as I tried to retain my composure. I knew he was watching, waiting to see if I’d be able to obey him. If I’d be able to hold onto my dignity despite what he was making me feel.

I squeezed my thighs together, took a deep breath, and kept walking, my chin held high. At the bottom of the steps, the pulsing stopped, and I let go a sigh of relief as I saw Mr. Drake smile, his dimples making me tingle all over again. He downed his scotch, then detached himself from the group of men and made his way toward me, extending his hand like a prince in a fairy tale.

“You look absolutely stunning,” he said.

The gleam in his eye made me believe him, and I let myself relax a little. Well, as much as I could knowing he could flip the switch at any moment and have me struggling for control.

“Thank you, Mr. Drake. I’ve never worn anything like this. I…”

“Shh,” he said, sensing where I was going. “If you’re to be mine, you must let me treat you, Isabeau.” He leaned in to whisper in my ear, placing his hand at the small of my back. “You picked my favorite. I can’t wait to tear it off you later.”

I quivered beneath his touch, my breath hitching at the thought of being taken by this man again, of being his tonight.

“Come now. I have people I want to introduce you to.”

He led me through the crowd, the heat from his hand distracting, to say the least. What I wouldn’t give for it to slip lower, and all these people to disappear, leaving us alone together. As we approached a group mingling by floor-to-ceiling glass windows, the egg buzzed to life again, making me whimper.

Mr. Drake gave me a sideways grin. He’s enjoying this far too much. I pursed my lips and glared back, letting him know he wouldn’t break me. I steadied my steps despite the pulsing making my stomach tighten and my thighs tremble. Keep it together, Isabeau!

“Were your ears burning, Chase? We were just talking about you! Who is this lovely creature on your arm?”

A middle aged woman with sleek black hair smiled at me. I suppressed a shudder as the egg began pulsing harder. Mr. Drake’s hand was in his pocket—a bemused half smile on his handsome face. That bastard.

“Allow me to introduce Isabeau Willcox, my date tonight. Isabeau, this is Maria Coldwell, president of the Chamber of Commerce.”

My mouth fell open, and I struggled to think. Buzz Buzz Buzz filled my head, even as it filled my body, making me tense again and again.

I held out a shaking hand. “It’s a pleasure… uhh… to meet you, Madam President.”

The buzzing ceased, and I sucked in a sharp breath, then smiled, trying to cover for my odd behavior.

“Maria will be just fine. This is a party, after all,” she said, beaming. “You watch out for this one, Isabeau. He’s a real lady killer.”

She barked a laugh and gave Mr. Drake a playful shove. For the briefest of moments, I thought I saw him blush, but then the egg buzzed between my legs again, and my mind went blank. Everything I had in me was focused on not giving in to the sensation and dropping to my knees, arching my back as I came, howling like an animal.

I tried to tamp down the pleasure bubbling up inside me, but Mr. Drake was making it pulse over and over again, torturing me as I stood beside him.

“Isabeau,” he said, guiding me toward an attractive man in his thirties. “Please meet my partner, Alexander Smith.”

The pulsing continued, and I suppressed a groan. Buzz Buzz.Buzzz.

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. Smith,” I said between gritted teeth.


Alexander Smith grinned, looking almost wolfish for a moment, his black eyes full of mischief.

“Chase has told me so much about you, Isabeau, but none of it did you justice.”

He’s very handsome. And young, like Mr. Drake. I wonder what he heard about me?

The thoughts came unbidden. My mind was a mess as I tried desperately to maintain control, even as my orgasm threatened to unravel me right here and now. I shifted, digging the point of my high heel into the arch of my other foot. The pain soothed me, bringing me back down.

For a moment. Buzz. Buzz. Buzzzzzz.

He took my hand in his and kissed it gently, the feel of his lips on my skin adding to the pressure building inside me.

Mr. Drake stepped between Alexander and I, suddenly looking flustered. The buzzing stopped abruptly.

“That’s enough of that, Lex. She’s not here to be drooled on.”

“Except by you, you mean,” he said, smiling in a way that made me uncomfortable. “Please to meet you, Isabeau.”

He winked at me and made his way back through the crowd.

Mr. Drake’s hand was on the small of my back again, leading me toward the bar, away from Mr. Smith.

“So that was your partner? The Smith of Drake & Smith?”