Before Lucky (Page 8)

Before Lucky (Forever Love #2.5)(8)
Author: J.S. Cooper

“No worries.”

“And I’ll bring your drinks to the table as well, as soon as I come back.”

“Great.” I couldn’t stop myself from watching her as she walked away, her hair swinging behind her. “Bring yourself too, if you want.” I mumbled under my breath and laughed. My body was calling out for contact with Lucky. Something in the way that she moved so fluidly was sensual and captivating to me. All I could think about was what her skin would feel like under mine.

“So, you know Angelique?” Brigetta looked at me with a jealous expression and my stomach twisted as she mentioned Angelique’s name.

“Yes.” The word was simple and short, but the shot of pain that ran through me magnified its meaning a hundredfold.

“She’s beautiful.” Brigetta said breathlessly. “I wish I looked like her.”

“You’re beautiful.” I tried not to roll my eyes dismissively.

“Thank you.” She preened at me, and I realized that Brigetta wasn’t as nice and naïve as she seemed. “I’m happy being a brunette and not a bleached blonde.” She giggled and shook her head, allowing her hair to go flying.

“I’m glad you’re happy.”

“Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?” She leaned towards me with an intense look.

“I prefer brunettes.” I didn’t blink as I stared back at her. I felt Lucky approaching before she spoke, and I turned to look at her slowly. It was as if I couldn’t help myself, there was some magnetic pull drawing me to her. “I prefer brunettes.” I repeated as I stared at Lucky’s silky tresses.

“Hey guys, here are your drinks.” Lucky smiled widely at me, and I noticed that her teeth were all very white and even, not perfect-even like she had had braces, but cute-even, and pearly.

“Thank you.” The words came out harder than I wanted them to, and she frowned slightly. There was no doubt in my mind that she thought I was some sort of psycho or douche.

“So Zane, I was thinking….”

“What?” I looked at Brigetta irritably, and she gave me a hurt look. Lucky looked back and forth at us with a concerned expression and gave me a timid smile.

“I’ll come back in a few minutes.” Her eyes glanced at mine quickly, and I was unsure of what emotion I was looking at before she turned away.

“What’s going on, Zane?” Brigetta bit her trembling lip. “It’s almost like you don’t want me here.”

“It’s not that.” I shook my head and clenched my fists. “I’m just distracted.”

“By what?” Her eyes looked at mine with a hurt look. “Not Angelique, I hope.”

“Chocolate.” I sighed, thinking of Lucky’s deep irises. “I’m mesmerized by chocolate.” I groaned and tried not to laugh at Brigetta’s confused expression.

“Are you on drugs?” She looked slightly worried.

“No.” I rolled my eyes.

“’Cause I don’t mess around with people who do drugs.” She shuddered.

“Oh?” I frowned as the meaning of her words hit me. “What about Braydon?”

“What about him?” She looked confused.

“I thought he dabbled in stuff?” Isn’t your ex a drug dealer? I wanted to ask.

“Oh no, Braydon is as clean as they come.” Her voice sounded shocked that I’d even suggested otherwise.

“I see.” I looked at my watch to see how long the date had been, and if it would be rude to cut it off early. Brigetta was going to be of no use to me. If she thought Braydon was clean, there was no way she had any information about his dealings with the cartel.

“Why were you talking about chocolate?” She looked at me confused again. “Do you want to go and get chocolate fudge? I know a place on Lincoln Road. It’s near my condo.” She leaned towards me suggestively, and I suppressed a sigh.

“No, I’m okay. I was thinking of green moors on cloudy days, haze and grit, and the sunshine peeking through giving you hope.”

“Say what?” She sat back and gazed around quickly. “Are you okay, Zane? I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“I’m talking about that moment.” I mumbled, knowing I wasn’t making sense and not really caring. “I’m talking about that moment when you know that you have made a connection that you can’t explain or fathom. That moment when you realize that you can’t control your mind. That moment when you realize your brain and your heart can play tricks on you.”

“I have an app on my iPhone if you want to play it. It’s a brain-training app. That might help you.”

“You think?” I laughed. “That’s one mighty app.” Can it make me stop thinking about the girl who’s inhabiting my dreams? I wanted to ask.

“It helps you to train your brain to remember stuff.” She nodded earnestly. “It makes you smarter.”

“Oh, you use it then?”

“Oh yes,” she grinned.

“And you’re on the way to Mensa?”

“Where?” She frowned. “You mean Mesa?”


“I don’t go to Arizona much.” She shook her head. “I prefer Nevada anyways, more pools.” She grinned. “And of course, who doesn’t like gambling in Vegas?”

“That’s true.” I bit my lip to stop myself from laughing out loud. “I do suppose most Mensa members don’t go to Vegas much. They’re smart enough to not gamble.”

“I’m not from Mesa.” She looked at me in confusion. “I’m not sure why you got the feeling I was from Mesa.” She reached over and grabbed my hand. “But if you want us to go on a trip there, I won’t say no.”

“I think you’re a very nice girl, Brigetta.” I pulled my hand away and yanked out my wallet quickly. I felt bad that I was being rude but I knew I couldn’t stand any more of this stupid conversation. “Here’s some cash so that you can take a cab home. I think I need to just sit here by myself and think.”

“You want me to leave?” Her face turned red. “So you can think about Mesa?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I want.”

“Keep your money. You’re crazy.” She jumped up. “And don’t call me again.”

“I didn’t mean to upset you.” I stood up as well. “Tonight is just not a good night for me.”