Billionaire Bound (Page 5)

I was still spinning through the universe but I knew better than to tell him I wanted his cock. I felt his hand tense on my ass, waiting for my response.

I swallowed and took a deep breath, trying to slow my pounding heartbeat.

"I want to obey you. Sir."

He let go of my neck and I stood up. I turned around to see him walking away, across to the room at the side of his office.

"Leave," he said, not looking at me.

He slipped into the side room and slammed the door behind him. My ears burning with shame and with tears in my eyes I picked up the notepad with my scrawled writing, my bullet vibrator, straightened my clothes and went back to my desk.

The sound of the big wooden doors closing behind me sounded like a final admonishment. I’d done something wrong. Was I meant to tell him I wanted his cock? I thought I was playing the game but maybe I was wrong. At least he hadn’t fired me for being in his office…


The end of the day couldn’t come soon enough. I’d spent the last few hours replying to emails from Ms. Green who seemed to want to teach me my new job from afar rather than in person. Although I managed to concentrate long enough to get a little work done, I couldn’t keep my mind off what happened. Mr. Stone bending me over his desk. Mr. Stone using my vibrator on me…

I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and looked up into Mr. Stone’s blue-green eyes. He moved silently when he wanted … or when I was lost in fantasy.

"We won’t be doing that again," he said.

"No, sir."

Yes we will, Sir.

"I made you my executive assistant although I knew it was dangerous."

"Dangerous, sir?"

"For me," he added, his face unreadable. "And for you."

He seemed sad but the emotion passed as quickly as it came. The mask was back. The volcano inside him hidden again.

He walked away, heading for the elevator and I leaped up out of my seat to follow him. What was I meant to say? Please do it again? Please push me over your desk and do whatever you want to me? I’m your assistant and I’m here to serve you?

I had to get hold of myself. I was here to find all of Stone-Black’s dirty laundry and having it bad for the boss wasn’t going to help that.

Although it was fun …

The elevator door opened and he turned to face me. I was going to say "No sir, it won’t ever happen again" but the moment I saw his eyes, I knew it would. I’d make sure it happened again.

"I’m …"

My voice was a whisper, yet seemed too loud.

He stepped into the elevator and looked me up and down.

"Never again, Delilah. Never."

The doors closed and the moment they did, I found my voice. What came out surprised even myself.

"I’m … yours. Sir."About the Author

Emily Cantore has a last name that sounds like some kind of dance and a mind that spends a lot of time thinking about hot and heavy moments. She writes creative smut that is based on true events and true smut based on wild times. Her stories are all works of fiction … except when they’re not.