Blind Date Teddy Bear (Page 12)

“No way. How can anyone sleep with their legs sticking three feet off the bed?”

I sat up and tried to problem-solve the situation.

“Put your head here,” I said, moving him with my hands so that his head was at the very top of the bed, at the corner. He looked so adorable, this big hairy bear of a man, on my girly pink sheets, but he looked so good, I wanted to gobble him up again. I grabbed onto his legs and hoisted them over so he was lying diagonally on my double-sized bed, and his feet were only hanging over a little. I snuggled up along one side.

“Perfect,” he said.

But it wasn’t.

The sweat on my body evaporated, and I started to feel chilly, wanting the covers over top of me.

I turned on the lamp next to the bed and sat up. “Who do you see?”

He sat up and rested his back on the headboard. “Just you. Naomi.”

“Nobody else? Because I don’t see anyone else in this room. It’s just us. And you can talk to me, you can tell me anything.”

He nodded. “I should have called you.”

I tilted my head and gave him a look that said he went wrong before that.

“Oh. And I should have made you breakfast,” he said.

“Yes, you should have. Or at least coffee.”

He shook his head sheepishly. “I’ll never live that down, will I?”


He took my hand and kissed it. “I’m really glad you called me at work on Monday. I mean, you scared the shit out of me, but … I liked it. I really like you.”

“Great. Now get your big bear of a body up so I can get us under the covers.”

“I’ll fall asleep if I get too comfortable.”

I shrugged. “Will your robot house be lonely if you spend the night here?”

He chuckled and climbed off the bed and then back under the covers, his feet still sticking off the end. “The house will be fine.”

I clicked off the light and crawled into bed next to him.

After a moment of cuddling, I said, “We should brush our teeth before we go to sleep, but that would mean getting out of bed.”

He grabbed me and rolled me on top of him. He kissed me as he nudged me lower, his erection splitting my legs apart, burrowing toward me.

“Not yet,” he said. “You’re not falling asleep on me yet, little miss fall-asleep-in-the-tub.”

I giggled and covered his freshly-shaved cheeks and jaw with kisses, squirming against his hairy chest, running my fingers through the thicker curls on the center line of his abdomen.

* * *

We stayed up late that night, and true to his promise, he didn’t let me fall asleep so easy.

Between sessions, we talked a little more, though I kept it light. I didn’t want to push him too hard. Though I’d had my share of upsets and heartbreaks over relationships, I sensed that Trevor’s hurt ran quite deep.

He’d been married, after all, had promised to love someone until death, and from what I gathered, his wife was alive and well and shacked up with some other guy. I couldn’t imagine how Trevor felt, but I was willing to listen, and to learn.

Most importantly, I was ready to love him.

If he would let me, I would love him with all my heart.

In time, of course.

In the short term, I just wanted to cuddle that teddy bear of a man and have sex with him, non-stop.