Blind Date Teddy Bear (Page 4)

He was supporting most of his weight with one knee on the seat between my knees, and one hand on the console between the seats.

We kissed this way, lips meeting and pulling apart, tongues touching, hearts beating together.

I reached down with both hands and started working his belt, unbuckling it.

“Naomi!” he said, but he didn’t stop me.

I got the front unzipped and released him, though he was still inside his boxer-briefs, a soft, stretchy fabric, black.

I stroked up and down the length of his hot erection, feeling the graceful curve of his head.

“Can anyone see us?” I asked.

“Who cares.”

“You’re right.” I let go of his c**k for a moment to ease his trousers down below his hips, feeling his round, muscular butt in my hands.

Next, I grabbed the elastic waistband of his shorts.

The reveal.

Just like those few seconds while your date walks around to the driver’s side, this part is full of amazement and wonder.

Pulling out that glorious erection.

It was like unwrapping a gift.

We were cramped in pretty close together, with Trevor awkwardly above me in the vehicle, but I could feel the moist kiss on his shorts from his erection inside, letting out lubricant.

The interior of the truck was lit only by the dashboard light, pale green.

I had to pull hard on the elastic waistband to allow his big member out and pull the shorts down.

What a magnificent piece it was.

Tall and thick, just like Trevor. The skin was soft and smelled good. He was cut, though he had a little extra ridge of skin in the middle, and when I grabbed him in one palm, the skin moved in my hand, allowing me to stroke the shaft easily.

He was so hard that I could have used it as a handle and pulled myself up out of my leather seat.

I shifted my body under him and curled up so I could get that lovely, glistening head into my mouth. My mouth was watering for it. I could have just eaten him right up.

I popped the head into my mouth and swirled my tongue around, mixing his taste into my saliva and wetting him.

Far below, my pu**y was also getting wet, excited.

I pumped my fist up and down on his shaft while I licked and sucked. There was no way the whole thing was going in my mouth, but I did what I could.

He said, “Damn, that’s good.”

“Mm hmm?”

“I mean … damn!”

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” I moaned a few more times, letting the vibration of my voice tickle my mouth and his hot, throbbing cock.

“Uh-oh,” he said.

It got harder, thick and urgent in my mouth and he thrusted a few times.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” I said again, then I moved the other hand to cup his balls.

Give it to me, I thought. Give me your hot come, drown me in it.

I reached one hand around to his firm ass and squeezed it, encouraging him to come, to come in my mouth.

“Damn. Uh-oh.”

Around the fat c**k in my mouth, I told him to go for it, to come in my mouth. “Give it to me,” I said between sucks.

I desperately wanted to feel him deep inside my aching, wet pu**y, but I still had my tight-fitting skirt on, plus panties, plus (of all the stupid things) cable-knit tights. He was ready to come, ready to spurt, and there was no time or room in the truck to get him inside my body any way but my mouth.

Besides, he was young and hard, and he’d be ready to go again soon enough.

“Damn.” He thrust and tensed.

I paused before the finish, pulled back, and lapped at his head with the tip of my tongue. I kissed it lovingly, like a prize, then I licked all down the shaft, slowly, and then back up again. I plunged him into my mouth, and his balls tensed up with pleasure, readying for the blast.

My own pu**y began to pulsate in sympathetic pleasure, coming with him in a sense, a sympathy semi-orgasm.

Ecstasy flooded me as his firm, hot c**k pulsated and shot into my mouth.

I sucked and swallowed, eating him up, loving every taste of it, of his desire for me.

“Damn,” he said, and he bucked one more time, his c**k still hard, still spurting.

As his spasms diminished and he groaned over me, I massaged the base with one hand as I squeezed his firm buttock. The bottom of my blow-job hand was half-buried in his dark curls. I stroked those silky curls and moved my hand through them. I kept him in my mouth without a guide, and allowed both of my hands to move over his torso, traveling up his stomach and to his chest. He had so much soft fur, like a teddy bear, and I wanted to curl up alongside him and nuzzle his neck, but we weren’t exactly in a position to do that.

Slowly, he pulled back away from me, my leather seat underneath me creaking from the shift of our bodies. I gave the head one last swirl of my tongue and a good suck, with the head now softening and conforming to fit the roof of my mouth.

He eased out and pulled away from me, a little shaky, and then he said, “Damn,” and let a little of his body weight rest on me.

I kissed his cheek and said, “You’re welcome.”

One of his hands snaked down under my skirt and deftly made its way under the tight waistband of my tights. His fingers nudged down, parting my slick lips, feeling around.

I gasped and shuddered, nearly cl**axing on the spot

“Damn,” he said. “This is a really nice pu**y.”

Breathlessly, I said, “Thanks.”

“I’m gonna take it home,” he said.

“Oh, yes.”

“And I’m gonna make you come, over and over again.” He fingered me, thrusting with two firm fingers, making me quiver.

“Oh, yes.”

“Unless you want me to do that right now.”

We were so tight on space, cramped together in one seat, but I wanted him, and I didn’t care. His fingers felt good, so good, but I wanted his cock. I was so close to coming, but I started to think about us being in the parking lot, and people seeing us. I could wait, I decided.

Just one more minute.

He twirled one finger around my clit, then fingered me in my wet slit, but the angle wasn’t quite right. I moved my hips, thrusting against his gentle pressure, but I was partly pinned by his weight. Being so close but not there was maddening.

I grabbed his face with my hands, kissed him fiercely, and said, “Get your hand out of my panties and take me to your house.”

He slowly withdrew his finger and dragged it up and out, across my aching clit.

“Anything you want,” he said.

We both glanced down at his cock, which was already hard again and ready to go.

Again, I cursed my cable-knit tights. If I didn’t have them on, we’d be f**king by now.

But it would be fine. We’d go to his house, take our time, and do it right.