Blind Date Teddy Bear (Page 6)

Then we moved on to his pants. Even though his c**k had already been revealed once, I wanted to give myself a second exciting reveal, with more light than the dashboard of his truck this time.

We switched spots, so that he was on his back on his rumpled sheets, which were white, and smelled just a little of him, in a nice way.

With his pants off, I removed his socks, one at a time, since a na**d man with no socks is always better. His feet were big, and nicely shaped, with good-looking toes and trimmed nails. He must have had a shower before the date, as his feet smelled great. As I knelt over him, I got a funny idea (again), and I went for it, sticking his big toe right in my mouth. He jolted a little with surprise, then he let out a moan of pure pleasure.

I sucked and licked at his toe as though it was his erection, albeit not as large. He squirmed and moaned. “You’re killing me, Naomi,” he said. “That is wicked sexy. Damn!” I massaged his foot lightly as I sucked some more, until he said, “Damn!” again.

Making him want me and keeping him waiting was fanning my desire some more, and my hot little ladycave was wet and wild.

I let his toe out of my mouth and slowly crawled back up the length of him. He was so gorgeous, lying there on his rumpled white sheets, in his bedroom with the soft, gold, computer-controlled lighting. The music was still playing, but not loud enough to be distracting.

I straddled one of his big, muscular thighs, and softly rode it for a moment, undulating my torso and showing off my tits for him.

He gobbled me up with his eyes, and finally, I grabbed for the waistband of his shorts, pulled them away from his stiffness, and eased them down.

I leaned forward and licked the head, not putting him my mouth, but teasing all around the ridge of the head with my tongue.

He growled again, like a bear this time, and I rewarded him by putting the head in my mouth and giving it a little suck. He growled, and I took him deeper. He kept growling like an animal, that rumbling voice sending erotic thrills through my body, and I sucked him as though time had stopped and there was nothing else in the world but me and that magnificent cock.

Finally, when I could wait no longer, I climbed up on top of him and pressed the tip of him to my opening.

As he held my thighs and tried to thrust into me, I put a hand on his chest and said, “Careful.”


“I’m really wet and ready for you, but you’re so big.”

“You’re just saying that,” he said.

I eased down, taking in a couple inches of cock. He was so long that the thickness of him was a surprise, as he was so well-proportioned.

I went a little further, my vag expanding to take him in.

“Come here,” he said, patting his chest.

I moved forward on him and lay on his chest, letting him support the weight of my upper body.

He rocked his h*ps under me, pushing a little, but not much, and easing back out again. It felt good. So, so, so good. My whole area, from my cl*t to my butt was tingling, alive, and my pu**y was so full and wonderfully stretched.

I was nice and wet, so slippery, and I began rocking my h*ps in rhythm with his. He pushed against me, pressing deeper, but with the position I was in, I could ease back up on his chest if it got to be too much.

He gently plunged in and out of me, and I moved without thinking.




Like a boat on the ocean.

My orgasm burst out like an opening flower, like a rose, and I felt divinely beautiful in my ecstasy. His hands were all over me, on my ass, on my back, in my hair, on my tits. Such big hands. His touch felt like more than one person, so encompassing.

As I rocked, riding my orgasm to its peak, his breathing changed and his muscles clenched under me, like he was holding back.

I pressed both hands onto his chest so I could hold myself and he could drive into me, a little further. I took more of him inside me, as much as I dared.

He gasped and plunged, his c**k impossibly firm inside me, and then it got steamy. His hot seed flowed into me, pumping, and setting off a second wave of my orgasm as he splashed inside me and my eager cervix swooped down automatically, as nature intended, kissing the top of his penis inside me, dipping and dipping against the fluid, and as he flooded me with his warmth and his passion, I shuddered and ground down against his hips, locking him inside me.

We were both panting.

I relaxed my arms and fell down onto his broad chest, glistening with sweat.

My own side also glistened in the soft light, and I was as sweaty as he was.

He started to say something, and I held my finger to his lips to stop him.

“Let me guess,” I said. “Damn?”

He laughed, and his softening c**k slipped out a little, reminding me of its presence.

“Am I that predictable?”

“In a good way,” I said. “I liked hearing you say that.”

After a moment, lying like this, his penis started to get hard again, and he nudged it into me, sliding in easily on his own fluid.

I pulled away from him, slipped off, and rolled onto my side. “I need some recovery time!” I said.

He glanced at the LED clock next to the bed and frowned. “How long?”

I shrugged.

“Oh!” he said, sitting up. “If you thought the computerized lights were cool, you should see the bathroom.”

“Lead the way,” I said.

Part 3: Hoping for a Second Date

The rest of the night, my first date with Trevor, was a little more mellow, but still amazing.

I thought we’d have sex again after a shower, but we ended up in his custom tub with jets. The thing was almost the size of a hot tub, but shaped perfectly for two people.

We relaxed in the water with some bubbles. We faced each other, each with our torsos resting in a groove, and I rubbed his feet while he massaged mine.

He said, “Mm, mutual.”

“Mutual is good,” I said.

“This is the life,” he said, and I don’t remember much else, because I actually fell asleep, right there in the warm, bubbly tub.

I’d only had a couple glasses of wine at the restaurant, but that, combined with all the sex, and then the hot bath, put me out like a little lamb.

He woke me up and got me toweled off and tucked into bed.

His bed.

With Trevor.

He spooned me, but his c**k was getting hard from touching my bum, so I made him roll over the other way. I lay on my side facing his back and spooned him, my arm around his chest, stroking the fur than ran down his midline.

“My teddy bear,” I said.

“I’m a big, bad bear.”

“No, you’re a teddy,” I said, and then I crashed.