Surrender Your Love (Page 23)


Surrender Your Love (Surrender Your Love #1)(23)
Author: J.C. Reed

“Oh, fuck.” His voice sounded just as choked between his ragged breaths, and for once I felt I was in control with no need to hide my desire.

“I want to know what you taste like,” I whispered, repeating Jett’s words when he went down and dirty at the lake.

Releasing him from between my lips, I licked the slit and sucked him back inside, my tongue darting over the broad head in a slow rhythm. He rasped my name once, then again. The sound of his voice turned me on to such an extent, I wanted to throw him onto his back and straddle him, drive his hard flesh into me and demand the cli**x I felt building within us both.

Not yet.

I wasn’t nearly finished with him. Still gazing up at Jett, I ignored my own needs as I bathed in his lust. With a desperate groan, he pulled away, putting a few inches between us. His erection jerked in my hands. His eyes closed, as a deep shudder rocked his abdomen.

“What are you doing to me?” His voice stroked my senses like silk. He was close; I could see it in his clouded gaze and the way his ragged breath rocked his chest. My hands reached out for him, so I could finish what I had started. He groaned with desire but didn’t protest as I put him back between my lips, sliding my tongue down his length.

“Do you want me to make you come, Jett?”

His breath hissed out between clenched teeth, and his eyes darkened with desire. “Only if you want to.” No pressure, no demands. I liked that about him. It showed that he wasn’t greedy; he liked to give as much as he liked to get.

“I want to,” I whispered, wondering where this confident vixen had been hiding all her life.

Slow or quick?

I bit my lower lip wickedly, wondering whether to tease him mercilessly so he’d never forget me, or give him a hard but fulfilling release he’d never forget either.

In the end I knew what I had to do.


Smiling, I lowered my wet lips onto the swollen tip and sucked it into my mouth slow and deep.

“That’s good, baby. Just like that.”

His deep groans and words of encouragement spurred me on. His fingers tangled in my hair, but he didn’t push. He let me do as I pleased.

“You’re driving me crazy, Brooke.” His whisper turned into a guttural rasp. Circling the base of his thickening shaft, my fingers worked up and down, slowly, then faster, until I felt the tell-tale tremble of his imminent release. I stopped and pressed my tongue against his slick slit, forcing him to a halt. His grip in my hair tightened and his h*ps rocked forward with their unspoken plead for more. I could feel his racing pulse beneath my fingers, could taste just how close he was in the salty tang of his moisture. The knowledge that I did this to him left me hot and flustered. The sounds and flavors of his arousal excited me so much, my own moisture began to slick my entrance, readying me for his touch.

In our moment of intimacy, I not only owned his lust and pleasure, he was mine.

Tightening my grip around him, I began to suck him deep into my mouth. He rewarded me with another groan, this one louder and more demanding.


Close. So close.

“Brooke.” The muscles of Jett’s rock hard torso tightened and he thrust forward. The big crown jerked and hot moisture surged within my mouth. I kept him perched between my lips until the waves of cli**x subsided and Jett slumped down next to me, pulling me to his damp chest, one leg resting between my thighs.

He was spent; he had to be because I had given it my all, exhausting every bit of energy. My body snuggled against his hard muscles as Jett trailed his fingers up and down my back. Silence spread around us like a blanket, and I was almost lulled into a morning nap when I felt his lips on my face.

My gaze flew up to take in the wicked smile on his gorgeous face, and I narrowed my eyes. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to f**k you senseless,” Jett said, “tease you the way you teased me, and make you come the way no one’s ever made you come before.”

My breath hitched in my throat, and I blushed hard and fast. “I see you’ve never heard of the magic of metaphors?” I pretended to slap his arm, mortified, but in secret I loved his dirty talk.


“Metaphors and flowery language are for those who don’t know how to give their women a good ol’ shagging.” His shaft jerked to life against my thigh. He was up for it. Again.

Holy cow.

Where did he get all this energy from? I watched his hand move between our bodies to touch himself—once, twice, hardening, preparing—until he grew so big I doubted my small body could possibly accommodate him.

“Ready?” His eyes shimmered with humor and something else.

Hell no, I wasn’t.


His erection rocked against the entrance of my body and in spite of my reservations, I moaned with anticipation. His fingers parted my private lips and spread the moisture pouring from within me.

“So wet and yet so tight,” he murmured, pushing a long finger deep inside of me, followed by another. I panted as his fingers moved in and out in slow cadence, filling me enough to ignite a blaze, but not enough to prepare me for his huge erection. One more thrust and then he pulled out his fingers, replacing them with something much bigger, guiding himself inside my tunnel, impaling and stretching me, filling me up in a single hot movement.

I cried out in surprise as a rush of burning pleasure shot through me. My nerve-laden tissues parted around him as my sex struggled to accommodate the invasion. Burying my nails into the rippling muscles of his chest, I was unsure whether to pull him toward me or push him away. Hot waves of pleasure rolled over me, bringing the sweet promise of release…if only I could stand his sweet torture long enough.

Jett dipped his tongue into my mouth and began to move, his tongue mirroring the fast movement of his hips. Pushing up on his elbows, his palms settled around my br**sts. His thumbs began to pinch my hardening n**ples, tugging and teasing, and his hard flesh plunged deep inside me. I arched my back to welcome his thrusts and bit my bottom lip hard, struggling to keep from moaning.

“Come for me, Brooke,” Jett whispered. His thumb found the sensitive nub of my clitoris and began to massage it in slow, circular motions. I cried out at the quivering sensations meeting with the currents of fire his thrusts sent through my sex. My body quivered beneath him as my vision blocked out everything but his electrifying eyes transfixed on me, gazing into my soul.

“Jett.” My lips released his name in a long whimper. With each thrust and caress, the pulsing sensation between my legs intensified until I thought I’d pass out from the sheer pleasure.


“That’s it, baby,” Jett whispered, cupping my buttocks and pushing himself inside me just a bit deeper. It couldn’t be more than an inch but it was enough to push me over the edge. A strong tremor shot through my abdomen, bringing with it wave after wave of delicious release. Grinding my h*ps into his, I clenched my muscles around him, struggling to ride the roller coaster of lust just a little bit longer. Jett’s groan joined my cry, and his hot seed spilled deep inside me, filling me with a new sensation.

Eventually, he pulled out of me and rolled to the side, drawing me into his arms like he had before, his lips whispering against my damp hair.

Wow. Just double wow. It was the most amazing sex I ever had.

“Are you okay?”

Cheeks burning, I nodded.

“This was insane. You’re incredible,” he whispered. “You’ve given me more than I ever envisioned anyone could.”

I had to agree I felt the same way. Even though it was just sex, his words made me feel warm and woozy inside. My heart began to thump just a little bit harder as his lips found mine and engaged them in a slow and delicious kiss. As the tension of cli**x began to fade, we remained locked in our embrace, trembling from the faint ripples of subsiding pleasure. With the bright rays of sun warming our nak*d bodies, I fell asleep in Jett’s arms, strangely laid-back about the array of emotions this man had started to evoke in me. For the first time, I had surrendered my whole self to a man.

Chapter 22

Jett and I spent another hour in bed, tangled in each other’s embrace, while keeping our conversation light and mostly focused on his company. What drew me away from him eventually was my stomach’s rumbling. Jett had made me burn through my energy supplies, and now my body demanded food.

“Why don’t you get dressed while I check whether lunch is ready?” Jett’s gaze burned down on me, and I could sense his hesitation at leaving the sanctuary of our bedroom.

I smiled and got out of bed, walking leisurely to pick my clothes off the floor. His heated gaze brushed my nak*d rear and sent shivers of pleasure down my spine.

“Damn.” Jett shook his head as another smile lit up his face. If I had learned anything about my new boss it was that he was a man of monosyllabic expressions. However, one single non-descript word coming from him conveyed more flattery than I had heard in my entire life.


I rolled my eyes. “Stop the buttering up. You had me already.” I held up two fingers. “Twice.”

“I thought I might put in the legwork for tonight.” His grin widened at my scowl. Truth be told, I didn’t need his compliments. I was ready to drop my panties for him if he so much as smiled in my direction, meaning the panty-dropping smile wasn’t a myth. I had finally found what Sylvie had been going on about ever since the day we met. Too bad I couldn’t tell her about it.


My brain briefly registered that I hadn’t called or texted her last night, even though I had promised to. As much as I loved spending day and night in Jett’s bed, there was a world outside those bedroom walls. And forgetting about my best friend was definitely a big, fat no-go.

I shrugged into my clothes and left Jett to take a shower, ignoring the invitation to join him. If I took him up on the unspoken offer of yet more fun, I knew we’d end up starved and, in my case, probably way behind my work schedule. While booting up my laptop, I checked my cell phone. There were five missed calls, two voice mails, and three text messages, all from one person. Even though it might sound like a lot, coming from Sylvie, who was addicted to her cell phone, anything under twenty calls and ten text messages wasn’t urgent.

As much as I loved Sylvie, she could be a real pain.


Heaving an exasperated sigh, I texted to remind her I couldn’t have private conservations during working hours and promised to write an uber long email, then went about checking Jett’s business correspondence when my cell rang.

I knew it was Sylvie before I even glanced at the screen. Sitting on my bed, I pressed the response button.

“What the heck, Brooke,” her voice greeted me. “Italy’s only across the big pond, but the way you keep ignoring me, it might as well be situated on the moon and you have no reception.” I could hear the sulk in her voice. Sylvie in a disgruntled state was never good. She could go on and on for hours.

“I’m so sorry. This job’s been extremely demanding and—” I trailed off, letting her fill in the gaps. It was a harmless, white lie; Jett came with the job and he had been demanding a lot of my time and energy. Not that I complained.

“Mayfield has you working around the clock?” Her tone gave me a preview of the sarcasm about to erupt. “Seriously, Brooke, if I didn’t know any better I’d bet my designer wardrobe on you shagging the boss.”